Simple social network creator


  • Easy to set up networks
  • Lots of help
  • Good configuration options


  • Not very advanced


NING is a premium web app that allows you to create you very own social network. It comes in three formats, mini, plus and pro.

If you ever used MySpace, NING will be familiar. Much of the customization options feel similar, and like that old king of social networks, NING is easy for novices to get into.

Once you've chose your price plan and handed over credit card details, you can setup your network. NING is not incredibly advanced, but the advantage of that is it's easy to get going. Choose colors, add photos and descriptions, then invite people!

NING is ideal for people who want to create small interest group networks, but it's flawed a bit by being basic. It's hard to see why you would pay for NING instead of starting a Facebook group for free, which is easier, and already has a massive user base.

If you want to try making your own social network, NING makes it remarkably easy, although the results won't be mind blowing.

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